studio marcus kraft





zürcher theater spektakel ’20




the renowned festival for the contemporary perfoming arts attracts well over 100,000 people each year. due to the coronavirus crisis, it had to reinvent itself. in 2020, for the first time, the festival will take place in a decentralized manner throughout the city of zurich.

the visual identity uses barrier tape and scenes with crowds of people as main elements. scenes from past editions of the festival are shown, which are guaranteed not to happen this year: densely packed crowds and hundreds of people queuing up. they are crossed out with yellow ribbons, which carry the most important information about the event. the german claim can best be translated as ‹(not) a festival›.

the fact that the photos are crossed out with barrier tape is also a visual reference to today’s time – since the emergence of the coronavirus, barrier and adhesive tapes are a part of our everyday lives.



signage & wayfinding

festival venue

programme trailer

cinematic trailer

programme newspaper

bandana for staff




zürcher theater spektakel:
matthias von hartz (artistic director)
delphine lyner (executive director)
veit kälin (technical director)
esther schmid (communication)
remo bitzi (digital)
susanne azen (marketing)
josefine stähli (administration office)

concept, art direction & design:
studio marcus kraft, in collaboration with marlon ilg

archival photographs:
christian altorfer, kira barlach

michel fries

web development:  
high five


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